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 Stay notin the past, 
don't dream of the future.
Focus on the present moment. 


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online class:
Monday: 18:15 - 19:30 Live Stream (Zoom)

Canceled on: Mon 31 October

Yoga class:

Monday: 18:15 - 19:30 , 6576 Gerra Gambarogno

Yoga is a holistic path and a health system that is thousands of years old.

It is a continuous path of purification and clarification.

Emphasis is on practice. FlowYoga opens your eyes to a new body awareness and not only causes an opening of the heart,

but is an experience of inner joy and intimacy.

Flowing sequences and postures, carried by the rhythm of the Ujjayi breath, guide you from within to shed layers of anything that weighs you down

and to unfold the pure potential that lies dormant in you.


Through asanas we promote strength, flexibility and through breathing and

relaxation techniques we gain a calm mind.

The flow is deepened by wave-like movements of the spine.

The evenness of breath connects you to your within you
original rhythm,
  inner strength and intuition.

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