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Practice FLOW YOGA and your life changes

Yogaflow Easter Weekend in Ticino - Casa Santo Stefano, Miglieglia
Thursday 06.04. - Mon 04/10/2023

Enjoy 4 spring days in harmony of body, mind and soul. Yoga gives body and mind rest from everyday life, as well as the activity needed to bring momentum into your life. Practice gives you an optimistic attitude.

Move in connection with Asana, Pranayama, Mudra. Dive into your essence. Tension and stress settle in the body and lead to tense body parts. We will explore sequences on various topics related to mobility and flexibility. Intuition guides you and you discover new dimensions of the body. Through conscious breathing you experience the pulsating life energy (Prana). She   makes your movements soft and graceful. Body and mind are rejuvenated.

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